The Triple Whammy Called Obesity

The Triple Whammy Called Obesity

When we were young kids, obese classmates and contemporaries were often made as butts of jokes.

We would call them names and laugh at them. But what we didn’t know then was that obesity was no laughing matter; it was a serious issue then, it is a more serious issue now.

No less than the federal government has sounded the alarm over the problem that has now reached epidemic proportion. An estimated $147 billion in medical cost was spent in the United States to treat or alleviate the conditions of millions of overweight citizens. (Source: Finkelstein, 2006)

Obesity can lead to many undesirable consequences, but in this blog let’s focus on three, thus the term triple whammy.

Undesirable Physique

On the peripheral aspect, going out in public and walking like one is having some “excess baggage” is, more often than not, unsightly to behold. More than that, it proves to be a source of discomfort when riding a cab, a plane or a bus.

Put him or her beside an individual with a trim physique and the disparity is magnified all the more.

Whether we like it or not, we adore people with slim figures and do not regard as much those who show excess fats on their bellies and other parts of the body.

The body to die for is slim and trim.

The Threat of Health Complications

On the weightier (no pun intended) side, overweight individuals are prone to contracting any of several medical conditions, chief among them are hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, and certain cancers like colon and breast cancer. They may even run the risk of becoming infertile.

The condition is aggravated by poor diet, lack of exercise, and unhealthy lifestyle.

Obesity seems to be the starting point for these types of illnesses. That means that if an overweight individual exerts the needed effort to lose weight, the risks of these diseases from occurring are greatly diminished.

Cost of Medication

Obesity, so as not to complicate into other debilitating diseases, needs treatment. Of course, treatment requires money. Money that could have been allocated for other uses is now diverted to medications or procedures to shed extra pounds.

And in some clinics, the cost is quite prohibitive, unlike in our company Just Lose Weight MD where products and procedures are affordable.

Weight Loss plus Anti-Aging

The products and services of the safe, quick, and affordable Medical Weight Loss Program in Maryland are not solely for weight loss. We also have product lines and procedures aimed at arresting the aging process. These will allow you to get back zest for life, improve mood and energy and increase sex drive in both men and women which all start to decline at age 35.

Treating obesity is a commitment that our board certified physicians and staff share. Our time-tested weight loss program is customized. It guarantees that you lose weight quickly and more importantly that you keep the weight off after it is lost.

At Just Lose Weight MD, we are all about getting healthy and staying healthy!

Feel, look, and act younger and fitter. Call us now for consultations or send us a message through email requesting for an appointment.

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The risks and disadvantages of being overweight come from many sides. We just discussed three here. You may have more in mind. Please share them with us in the comments box below this blog.

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