How To Save Your Child From Obesity

How To Save Your Child From Obesity

The rise in the number of children getting obese has become quite alarming. There is now a global call for parents to be more vigilant of their children’s weight and to battle probable obesity on its onset. In the US alone, WebMD has reported that about one out of every 3 children are obese and the numbers continue to rise. This is the reason why there is a need for parents and for every family to be more informed about obesity and what it can do to our body.

Common causes of obesity includes early exposure to unhealthy foods and eating habits. In a world where almost anything is instant, even parents resort to serving processed, instant food to their children even when they just started on solids. This is the very fundamental of unhealthy eating. When children are exposed to junk in their early years, their palate will look for those strong artificial flavors and would soon decline the taste of natural fruits, grains, and greens.

Another culprit is the digital generation we are in. We can find more children in the front of the screen than playing in the park. The lack of physical activities is a great contributor to unhealthy weight gain.

Parents should also take a look at the mirror every now and then. This is because obesity is hereditary. If it is highly probable for your kin to get unhealthily big, then it is best to nip the issue in the bud.

Fighting obesity, especially for children at young age, is easier than with adults. It is because their bodies can react and adapt more quickly to changes than mature ones do. So we share with you below a few tips that you can do to help not just your young children but your entire household to fight-off obesity and to enjoy long, healthy, and active lives.

1.Plan and prepare for healthier meals for the entire family.
The convenience of fast food chains can lure anyone to eat out more often than advisable. Moms, the best way to help your family members live healthier lives is to plan, shop, and prepare ahead healthy and delicious meals that other members will enjoy. When there are pre-cooked dishes in the fridge, it will be very convenient for your husband or your children to just heat them and enjoy more natural and less-preserved dinner even when you are not at home.

2. Encourage your child to be more engaged in physical sports and other activities.
Advise your children to spend less time in front of the TV or the iPad and spend more time being engaged in sports or in other activities that will require them to move more. Keeping a healthy lifestyle takes more than just eating well, it also entails effort and physical movement. So if your child has the passion for basketball, soccer, swimming, or dancing, then encourage him to pursue that today.

3. Fill in his emotional needs.
Children who are or in the brink of obesity may have low self-esteem. When children feel insufficient, they will try to fill in the gap with the wrong things. Before the problem gets worse, it is best that you come to the rescue and let your child feel that he is special and beautiful inside. Best of all, tell him that his condition right now is just temporary. He can still help it if he chooses to.

4. Set a good example.
Children will not always do what you command but they will always do what they see. So set the right example at home. Show them how you choose healthy over junk. Exercise with them or where they can see you. Remind them of the importance of keeping a healthy lifestyle and the consequences of not doing so. Always walk your talk and you will soon influence your children even without you trying to.

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