Understanding the Use of Hormone Replacement Therapy during Menopause

Understanding the Use of Hormone Replacement Therapy during Menopause at Just Lose Weight MD

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Understanding the Use of Hormone Replacement Therapy during Menopause Near Me in Gaithersburg MD, Takoma Park MD, and North Bethesda MD
Understanding the Use of Hormone Replacement Therapy during Menopause Near Me in Gaithersburg MD, Takoma Park MD, and North Bethesda MD

Any woman will experience menopause; whether you like it or not, it will happen to you when you age. This is a period where the menstrual cycle will stop and this happens as a result of aging. When your menopause is approaching, you will experience eclectic changes in your hormone levels, such that it can go up or down and cause you unnecessary discomfort.

These will not only let you experience physical changes in your body such as hot flashes, but you will also feel some emotional iterations. In order for you not to be overwhelmed with the changes in your physical and emotional well-being, you can depend on hormone replacement therapy to help you. In fact, one benefit that you will get from it is being at a lesser risk of osteoporosis.

Here are some facts about hormone replacement therapy that you need to know:

  • Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy. When you opt to get hormone replacement therapy, you will surely take advantage of the reduction of the hot flashes you’re experiencing. You will also be relieved from night sweats and difficulty in falling asleep at night. On the other hand, vaginal dryness and discomfort can also be addressed when you are under the therapy. For weight gain, there is a Medical Weight Loss Program in Maryland which you can opt for.Additionally, you can talk to your physician about the emotional and frequent mood swings you are experiencing because the hormone therapy will allow you to control your mild depressive symptoms, as well as irritability. There are so many benefits that you’ll get from the therapy which allows you to remain comfortable all throughout.
  • Types of Hormone Therapy. You need to choose the best hormone therapy that will work to your advantage. For instance, your physician may suggest taking only estrogen hormone; or if you’ve had a hysterectomy in the past, the estrogen and progestin combination may be suggested. The latter actually lessens your risks of developing cancer than when you are taking estrogen hormone alone.Hormone replacement therapy can actually come in two forms: systemic and local therapy. For systemic therapy, the hormones are being introduced into your bloodstream so that it can travel all through the different organs of your body. You can opt to get gels, oils, or patches. On the other hand, local therapy involves using vaginal tablets, creams, or rings so that the estrogens are released into the vagina.

It is always essential that you partner with your physician from Just Lose Weight MD regarding hormone replacement therapy so that you can be guided in the best treatment option that will work for your unique needs. Remember, what works for other women may not work for you and as such, you need to be persistent in finding the right treatment.

Even if menopause is part of aging in every woman’s life, its challenges should be addressed so that you can live a life of comfort. You don’t have to suffer from the symptoms of menopause when there are available effective treatments to help you.


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