Deciding Whether You Should Get Liposuction

Deciding Whether You Should Get Liposuction

If you have tried different diet plans and exercises to lose weight but still you did not achieve your desired weight then you can get liposuction for a perfect body shape. Contact Just Lose Weight MD, where our experienced surgeons are knowledgeable in doing liposuction. Please call us for more information or book an appointment online. We serve patients from Gaithersburg MD, Takoma Park MD, North Bethesda MD, Washington Grove MD, Derwood MD, Redland MD, Langley Park MD, White Oak MD, and North Kensington MD.

Get Liposuction Near Me
Get Liposuction Near Me

When you feel that exercise and diet are not anymore giving you the results you want to see in your body, you can start to look at undergoing liposuction in order to have all your unwanted fats removed and for you to achieve your “body goal”.

Many times over you will think whether the benefits of liposuction will outweigh the risks. But with the innovations that dawned on this aesthetic treatment, you are assured of lowered to nil risks and ultimately give you benefits for your aesthetic goal.

In fact, there are now a lot of people who are looking at the benefits that liposuction can to do them. This has catapulted the procedure to be the most popular plastic surgery treatment to date. To make it even more appealing, there are a lot of clinics such as Just Lose Weight MD who are offering the procedure in conjunction with other cosmetic enhancement such as breast augmentation and tummy tuck.

How Liposuction is Started?

When you have finally decided to get a liposuction, it’s time to troop to the doctor’s clinic to get an assessment and see if the procedure is compatible with you. It is at this point that you can air all your physical concerns to the physician such as you want to get rid of your fats in target areas such as chin, cheek, and neck, reduce certain parts of your body such as your hips, arms or thighs, and get rid of your beer belly. When you have finally agreed with the consultation, you will then be scheduled for the surgery. The best part about this is that it’s a same-day treatment which means that you can go home once the general anesthesia has finally waned all of its effects.

Different Kinds Of Liposuction

There are so many kinds of liposuction you can opt for and what’s best for you will depend on the location of the fat that you want to get rid of, what your goals are, and the recommendation of the surgeon. These are the possible liposuction treatment you can opt to have:

  • Suction-assisted Liposuction – This is the very first and traditional method of liposuction wherein a small cannula is inserted into the abdomen where the pressurized vacuum is used to suction the fats.
  • Twin Cannula-assisted Liposuction – This is a mechanical means of removing fats from your body. The best part about this is that there’s less scarring.
  • Ultrasonic-assisted Liposuction – Ultrasound energy is used in this method such that it will stimulate the adipose cells; thus liquefying and rupturing them before it’s finally extracted. This is the most efficient type and can cause fewer traumas.
  • Tumescent Liposuction – Your surgeon will be injecting tumescent fluid into your fat cells and then cannula is injected to fully remove the fatty deposits. The best thing about this is that the blood vessels are contracted thus it decreases blood loss.
  • Laser-assisted Liposuction – The use of laser with concentrated beams will break down the fat deposits.

You need to always ascertain that the surgeon that you are tapping is knowledgeable and experienced in doing liposuction for you to benefit from great results. There are so many Medical Weight Loss Programs in Maryland that you can try, but make sure that the one you are getting is truly suitable for your condition. It’s not just the physical benefits that you will get from the medical weight loss program, your self-esteem and self-worth will also increase.


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