Don’t Worry about the Extra Pounds

Don’t Worry About the Extra Pounds

If you have lost some of your weight successfully but still sometimes its being too difficult to keep yourself away from your favorite food. If it happens to you then don’t worry, contact us at Just Lose Weight MD. We have better solutions for your extra pounds. For more information, please call us or schedule an appointment online. We serve patients from Gaithersburg MD, Takoma Park MD, North Bethesda MD, Washington Grove MD, Derwood MD, Redland MD, Langley Park MD, White Oak MD, and North Kensington MD.

 Extra Pounds Problems Near Me
 Extra Pounds Problems Near Me

We knew it: You were not able to ward off the temptations.

The sight and smell of your favorite dishes and desserts and wines and spirits were simply disarming. It had an amnesic effect on you; you forgot you were on a diet.

Next thing you knew, you were carried by your feet to where the plates were piled up, picked up one, and headed right to the buffet table.

One spoonful here was followed by another spoonful there; one sip led to another. Before you knew it, you had one spoonful and one sip too many.

It was only then that you felt the guilt of having loaded an unhealthy amount of carbohydrates and sugar, and downed a similarly unhealthful dose of alcohol.

And just as you expected, when you stepped on your bathroom scale a few mornings later, the numbers ticked upwards. Looking at the full-body mirror, the unmistakable results were there on full display – bulging flab on your tummy.

Remorse set in: “I could have, would have . . .” and so on and so forth.

You felt it was time to press the panic button.

No Need to Press the Panic Button

Do you need to press the panic button? No, not just yet. In fact, you need not resort to that all.

If you are living in or near either Takoma Park or Gaithersburg, Maryland, you are blessed to have our company Just Lose Weight MD, the provider of safe and effective Medical Weight Loss Program in Maryland, to take care of your problem.

We are a multifaceted weight loss center providing a comprehensive medical weight loss program designed to assist patients in losing significant amounts of weight. Besides helping our patients lose pounds, we also provide them the support, education, and resources that are necessary to maintain a healthy weight for the rest of their lives.

Guarantee of Safety

You may have some concerns about safety in what we’re doing. We cannot fault you for that. At a time when many fly-by-night ventures are cashing in on the mouth-watering weight loss market, we fully understand your apprehensions and doubts. In fact, we would be the first one to encourage you to be vigilant and discerning towards the countless companies offering various products and services aimed at reducing extra pounds in your body.

We do that because your safety is our topmost concern. Further, we do that because we are board-certified physicians and specialists. We swear by our mission to help you lose weight not only safely but quickly and affordably as well and to help you maintain the weight lost. In doing so, we offer proven and time-tested programs that will help us make you feel, look and act younger.

Stop looking at the mirror every morning and get more depressed each passing day. Pick up your phone now and dial the number of any of our two offices, whichever is nearer your place, and set up an appointment with us. If not, you can email your concerns to us. Just send us a message with your inquiries and requests. Best of all, please talk to us in person in our office.


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