Cheat Meal Strategies: Do They Really Work?

Cheat Meal Strategies: Do They Really Work?

While one of the biggest weight loss challenges is to stick to your diet plans, some people find themselves wanting to give up soon because they are sick of their diet pattern. They want to reward themselves from time to time for their hard work.

According to an interesting theory of a diet doctor in a wellness center in Virginia, incorporating a cheat day once a week or every two weeks creates a reward-based diet strategy for people who are easily tempted to stick to their prescribed diet most of the time. Whenever they know their cheat day is coming up, it motivates them to hold off from breaking their diet plan.

Of course, there must be a degree of control for this cheat meal strategy; there needs to be limitations to the number of foods people eat as cheat meals. It varies from person to person because it depends on what their weight loss or fitness goals are. They can always talk to their physician for medical weight loss in Maryland about this so that they can get expert advice.

If you are looking for a primary care center in DC that can help you healthily lose weight, Just Lose Weight MD can provide you helpful options to achieve it. For inquiries and appointments, please give us a call!

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