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The Triple Whammy Called Obesity

When we were young kids, obese classmates and contemporaries were often made as butts of jokes. We would call them names and laugh at them. But what we didn’t know then was that obesity was no laughing matter; it was a serious issue then, it is a more serious issue now. No less than the federal government has sounded the

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Don’t Worry about the Extra Pounds

We knew it: You were not able to ward off the temptations. The sight and smell of your favorite dishes and desserts and wines and spirits were simply disarming. It had an amnesic effect on you; you forgot you were on a diet. Next thing you knew, you were carried by your feet to where the plates were piled up,

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Today’s Health Issue: What is HCG Diet?

How do you lose weight? Do you follow the lemonade cleanse? Do you go follow the diet plan provided by your gym instructor? Do you stick with science and follow the medically advised diet plans? If so, have you ever heard of the HCG Diet? How well do you know this certain weight loss? It is important to note that

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How To Avoid Adding Unnecessary Weight At Work

Do you remember how easy it was to maintain healthy weight when you were still at senior high or in college? Well, it was such a breeze then, wasn’t it? Yes, you still went out for burgers and pizzas, and gulp on humungous glasses of milkshakes-but without feeling guilty in the morning. Remember how you never needed to drag yourself

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How To Save Your Child From Obesity

The rise in the number of children getting obese has become quite alarming. There is now a global call for parents to be more vigilant of their children’s weight and to battle probable obesity on its onset. In the US alone, WebMD has reported that about one out of every 3 children are obese and the numbers continue to rise.

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4 Weight Loss Myths Busted!

Why do you want to lose weight? We want to go on a diet for a number of reasons. Some girls want to get fit and be like the models and celebrities they admire. Some people want to lose weight because they simply want to fit their old clothes again. Some lose weight for a permanent change in their lifestyle.

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* I've been coming to Just Lose Weight MD for over a year and I have lost over 50 pounds. The staff has helped me achieve my goals and I just feel great! - Glenda L.

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* Just Lose Weight MD provides the necessary support, medication, instruction and follow-up to lose weight– and to keep it off. The office is well organized, so a busy professional does not have to “wait to lose weight!” - Orit S.


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