5 Reasons You Aren’t Slimming Down

5 Reasons You Aren’t Slimming Down

Sometimes weight loss can be very obscure. Neither dieting nor going to the gym is always the solution when it comes to long term results. You’ve become fanatical on the greens and refused the sweets. You would even walk blocks away from home if it means fat burning. But why are flabs still flabs and not abs?

There are a lot of reasons why you haven’t slimmed down yet, and it’s not just because you can’t live without a burger in a week. The most common weight loss mistakes are often overlooked, keeping a hold on your goals. You might be surprised to know you’ve been unconsciously doing paradoxical efforts beneath your clean-eating practices. So read on and start off with these key factors to get to the bottom of your weight loss dilemma.

Let’s take the spotlight to these five reasons why you still aren’t skinny:

  1. You chew less and swallow more. Aside from religiously following a restricted diet, practicing mindful eating is hard to do. We fail to enjoy the delectable food in front of us because we chew like there’s no tomorrow. Even if you aren’t choking halfway on your meal, your weight suffers too.

    The fix: Practicing mindful eating is a recipe for failure. Though it’s easier said than done, take the challenge and do it anyway. Give enough break time to enjoy your meal so you won’t feel pressured to finish your food within 5 minutes.

  2. You miscalculate your portion intake. Dieters are keen in their portion sizes. While you’re being logical and sound on the calorie count in smaller plates, you’re taking calories in larger servings too lightly. Such misjudgment tells your subconscious to binge eat.

    The fix: Document your portion sizes by keeping a food journal. This is a good practice to gauge appropriate portion sizes without relying on your dishware.

  3. You live a sedentary lifestyle. You’ve never missed a healthy meal and bragged about ditching the carbs life. However, you spend most of your waking hours sitting in front of a television or using the computer all day. Does this make you lose weight? Certainly, no.

    The fix: Though it’s not a necessity to hit the gym or walk some miles, a little standing and walking in a day is the simplest way to burn calories without noticing.

  4. There’s too much workout. Life Tip 101: Too much of everything is bad. You spend 2 hours at the gym in the morning and infinite hours on a jogging track every weekend, but you haven’t lost a single pound. Despite your best intentions, too much exercise can make you hungry, making it nearly impossible not to stop over at a food stall on your way home.

    The fix: Exercise is an important asset to good health, but allot a formal time and training in a day. Learn to chill and slow down.

  5. You aren’t sleeping enough. Did you know that sleeping lowers down your body’s cortisol level? Cortisol is a stress hormone that’s associated with gaining fats. Think about this the next time you’re skipping sleep to meet work deadlines or finish an entire Netflix series.

    The fix: Always prioritize a good night sleep. Have a bedtime schedule and follow through. Organize your time efficiently so you won’t have any reason to skip bedtime for an important paperwork.

Did you find the solution to your weight loss dilemma? Tell us in the comments.

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